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Fort blue’s- Primitive Default

Call Name: Oomba


Full sister to Arm n Arms but from different litters. Mother to captain numbnutts. probably the most loyal dog we have had. while the other dogs are out roaming the yard sniffin daisys Oomba would rather stay right by my side. She has also proven to be a competitive weight puller. When we take several dogs out for a walk while dragging weights she always wants to stay at the front of the pack, like a racehorse that refuses to let anyone pass her. Oomba is a very clean flawless pitbull.  she has prevailed in the show ring against much bullier females.  I have to assume it’s because the judge noticed some type of flaw with the other bullies and awarded the flawless pitbull instead. Oomba is the kind of girl that will help clean up a bloodline. She contributes good overall health and structue to a gene pool. if a bloodline starts to get flawed you can always go back to the “original” good old fashioned dog of all dogs (the pitbull) to clean it up. Hince the name    “Primitive Default”  meaning – the original factory preset position…

Height 21 inches at the withers














img_7216 img_7251




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