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  1. We can’t wait for our new edition to our family! Thanks to Fort Blue Kennels.! The website is AWESOME and we’ve had an overall great experience with the process of purchasing our puppy thanks to the owner of Fort Blue Kennels!!

  2. fort Blue is GREAT Matt is awesome to work with. every day working man down to earth.Cant wait for the arrival of the new Kids Thanks again

  3. Our kennel was founded off of Fort blue dogs. Matt has been a good friend and always available to speak with. The dogs have exceeded our expectations from being the best friend to our children, excelling on the Weight pull track and strutting their stuff in the show ring. Fort Blue is a good team to be a part of.

  4. We got our boy Murphy from Fort blue back in September 2015. He has been the best dog we’ve ever had. A great temperament and loves our 18 month old son. The owners at fortbluekennels were very helpful and the process to ship him was very simple. They still check up on him from time to time time and I appreciate that. I’m very glad we got him through fortbluekennels. Appreciate y’all, he is truly special.

  5. Got my best friend Rico from Fort Blue back on Nov 2015. Great great blue bully. I alwaya recommend my friends who ask the Fort Blue Kennel is the place to go. Great dogs. My blue bully getw along great with everyone. Very playful and loves to play with my 3 year old Grandbaby.

  6. Fort Blue produces beautiful even tempered dogs, that make great additions to the family

  7. I just got a puppy ( Allen’s Zeus ) from ( Matt Mitchell ) with Fort Blue Kennels and I could not be more impressed with this little pup! Matt has responded to each and every question – comment that I have had almost immediately and he has also given me another perspective to consider on several topics as well! Until just recently I have been completely away from this breed for almost 20 years now and Matt has been very transparent and helpful in getting me back up to speed on the breed and also in the progression of these dogs to now from way back in the 1980’s and 1990’s when I was completely vested in them! I would highly recommend him to anyone that is looking for a puppy of this particular breed or anyone interested in getting more involved with these dogs! Thanks Matt and keep up the good work!

  8. Every step of the process was completely amazing. We got picture updates and videos until we were able to finally get our little guy. He’s so beautiful in every way! Will continue to recommend this kennel to anyone looking for a great dog.

  9. Matt was Great to work with me on a working man payment plan. I even enjoyed the 20 hr round trip to get our new pup. She is a beauty and I’m sure she will grow into the good genes that Fort Blue has made. Will suggest anybody to check out his website and contact Matt for ANY questions you may have about the breed. Thanks again to Matt and Fort Blue Kennels for my SIDE CHIC!

  10. Matt and Fort Blue Kennels were a pleasure to work with! Matt never failed to answer any and all questions we had and kept us updated with our pup until we picked her up and even checked in to make sure we made it home safely!!! Gave us all the information on our pup and even taught us how to wrap her ears to help them stay up and went through all her vet history. Even let us meet his amazing pack of dogs, who are all gorgeous animals. Couldn’t been any happier with our experience and our pup was exactly what he said she would be and then some. We will definitely continue doing business with Matt and Fort Blue Kennels and you should as well, you won’t be disappointed with what he breeds and provides!

  11. My name is Jared and just purchased a puppy from Matt at Fort Blue Kennels. He is a fawn colored male full of energy and love. I thank Matt for being the person that he is, easy to work with and easy to talk to. This was a good experience compared to what I was dealing with. If you are looking for a good breed or dog check out Fort Blue Kennels, you will be pleased.

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